Joy Broker

jump for joy picture

Jesus invaded the human condition with an angelic announcement.  “Great joy to all people.”  This divine declaration unveiled His eternal purpose; to bring Heaven’s joy to Earth.  Eons ago a decision was made in infinite Trinitarian wisdom.  God desires to share abounding joy with mankind.  The choice: send Heaven’s premier personality to demonstrate and propagate Heaven’s primary atmosphere…JOY!

Jesus would bring the eternal joy experiences in the Trinity to jumankind.  The Son of Pleasure, posessed by the Joyous Spirit was sent by the Delighted Father on a Mission.  The mission: bring humankind into our joyous affection.  Bring Heaven’s joy to Earth.

Jesus broke through into our sphere with His infectious delight.  His words and works created happiness and influences a peculiar company of people.  They are immersed in the delight of Trinity Fellowship and intoxicated on the wine of divine affection.

The mission now continues through them.  They have been transformed by eternal joy and are changing the landscape of human experience.  They are accessing joy from the eternal realm and leveraging it in real time; in real places.  They are known as Joy Brokers.  Bring Heaven’s joy to Earth!


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